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We offer with catamaran „Paradise Sailing“:

Half Day programs

Full Day programs - the island of St. Anastasia

Rental catamaran

During the whole trip with the catamaran, the passengers there are provided food and drinks on “All Inclusive" basis. The drinks and snacks are served at the bar. The lunch is on buffet, self-catering.

  1. Drinks included:
    • “Welcome drink” with sparkling white wine;
    • Soft drinks, tea, coffee, mineral water;
    • Alcoholic drinks: white wine, beer.
  2. Food included:
    • Sweets, crackers, croissants, seasonal fruits;
    • Appetizers: sausage, Salami, white cheese, yellow cheese;
    • Grilled vegetables: zucchini, eggplant, peppers, mushrooms, onions;
    • Salads: lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, cabbage, cucumbers, spring onions;
    • Main dish: fish, chicken fillet, bap bread.

  • Request for reservations can be taken only by phone or e-mail and are subject to confirmation, according to the availabilities or the expected weather conditions;
  • Advance specifying the route and the duration of renting;
  • To guarantee your reservation is necessary prepayment 100 %;
  • For all the programs there is provided a free shuttle to/ from the port for all programs, a predetermined schedule and bus stops;
  • Maximum number of tourists on board - 30 people;
  • Required minimum number of tourists for organized programs - 15 adults.

  1. Weather and Sea conditions:
    • The times and visited places of the programs can be changed in the same day and during their realizing, depending on weather and sea conditions;
    • The planed events may be canceled if the weather and sea conditions do not guarantee the security and quality of the planned program;
    • In the two cases above the decision of the Captain is final;
    • In the case of cancelation of the program, we’ll propose another day or a refund 100 %.
  2. Security and safety:
    • All passengers have to respect and comply with the instructions of the Captain and crew. The violation can result injury to you or other passengers.
    • Children under 12 years must be supervised by their parents or guardians who are responsible for them.
  3. Clothing and personal items:
    • Appropriate clothing for the conditions at open sea and slippery surfaces, as well as such in case of changing of weather conditions during the sailing (wind, getting cold, rain);
    • Recommended are hats and sunscreen cosmetic;
    • Conserve your personal items is your opportunity. The crew dosn't take responsibility for broken or stilled items;
    • Protecting of personal belongings is a responsibility of the passengers. The crew is not responsible for broken or stolen items.
    • No pets allowed.